Corona has all of us caged within the four walls of our homes. The situation is tougher for those whom wanderlust tickles every now and then. But it is the rule of nature that nothing would last forever, not even a pandemic of this magnitude. When this is over, people are again going to trot the globe and explore the unknown. But this time, it is not going to be only Eat, Pray and Love that will make them move, but it is wellness, a certain assurance of putting the body and mind in harmony, that will pull everyone towards their destinations.
Why? Well, to be truthful, there are not one but several reasons why these two, Tourism and Wellness, will soon become synonymous to each other.
These days of quarantine is making all of us frustrated to a great extent. It is also teaching us to look at life from a different perspective. When this hullabaloo will be over, we will start searching for places away from home where we can just dump all our depression and breathe in the freshness amidst serene nature. Escaping the stressful life and fulfilling the quest of inner peace together will contribute to the development of wellness tourism.
Detoxifying the soul and rejuvenating the body will be another priority. And for that, we will be seeking refuge in the rich heritage of Ayurveda and Yoga. Travelling will involve healing oneself from inside out and cleaning away the toxins from the system altogether. Wellness tourism will cater to this need to help you regain a positive outlook towards life which has been on the verge of being lost.
But how can you achieve all these without worrying about anything? We, the passionate bunch of travel consultants at Ocean6 Holidays, thought about this and told to ourselves- there can’t be a better time than this to present before you Wellness Tourism Kolkata!
A long-cherished venture, Wellness Tourism Kolkata is one of the front-runners in this travel niche from Eastern India. We plan for you bespoke wellness tourism packages based on your requirements. You say ‘wellness’ and we take you to some of India’s most well-known spa and Ayurveda resorts in Rishikesh, Hardwar, Puducherry, and Kerala. Certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, most of these nature retreats will rejuvenate your soul completely through Ayurveda and Yoga.
If you are seeking medical help, we are here to offer you a solution for that as well. Over the years, India has emerged as a healthcare superpower. There are numerous super speciality hospitals today in cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Vellore, Mumbai, and Kolkata headed by medicos of global repute. They are making the impossible possible in the field of dentistry, derma (skin), and oncology. We will plan a tourism package that will help you get medical aid while letting you enjoy India’s natural beauty tucked here and there for your eyes only.
So, that’s us – Wellness Tourism Kolkata for you- your travel companion for a better and healthier tomorrow. We care for you. We believe only a healthy soul can take care of this beautiful planet.

Keep exploring with us and stay healthy.

Wellness Tourism

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