Ayurveda Treatments

Rejuvenation Therapy

It improves immunity & enhances the metabolism by detoxifying and revitalizing the body.

Weight Management

Increases weight loss & lightens the body by enabling better metabolism, digestion & absorption of nutrients.

Stress Management

It reduces stress & anxiety, by improving sleep and strengthening the immunity system of the body.

Beauty Treatment Therapy

It deep cleanses, detoxifies and rejuvenates while improving circulation & restoring radiance to the skin.

Anti-Ageing Therapy

It helps achieving enhanced systemic skin health across musculo-skeletal system, delays degeneration process & enhances immunity.

Pain Management Therapy

To increase the threshold of pain and bring balance of doshas to subside pain through various Ayurvedic procedures.

Diabetes Therapy

A holistic approach to address the root-cause of the problem and gives you 360° improvement, beyond controlling blood sugar levels.

Arthritis Therapy

It focuses on pain reduction and inflammation control on the joints & other parts of the body.

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