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Kairali Ayurvedic Village of Kerala

Wellness Tourism in India

India is the home to myriad wellness practices.  The century-old tradition of Ayurveda treatment has gone through lots of sophisticated development over time and is now a throbbing business venture in many parts of India. People from near and far come to these healing centers for overall and holistic cleansing of one’s mind and soul. In this regard, wellness is defined as ‘the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that leads to a state of holistic health’. One such facility is the Kairali Healing Village in Pallakad, Kerala. This place has earned a global reputation for being the world’s first Ayurveda healthcare center.

Kairali Healing Village

This Ayurveda farm is tucked in between beautiful mountains of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This beautiful location is amidst the greenery of nature. Enhancing your personal well-being in such a wonderful environment with different ayurvedic treatments is truly worthwhile. This certified retreat provides meditation and yoga as well, which will cure you externally as well as internally. This one-of-a-kind destination is set at the foothills of Annamalai and Nilgiri ranges. The natural surroundings of forests, gurgling rivers, and prolific forests give out a positive vibe to Kairali. Inhale the perfume of the Pala trees of Kerala and experience the ancient healing applications of India in a luxurious setup.

The two nearest airports are Cochin International Airport and Coimbatore International Airport.  The nearest railway station is the Palakkad Railway Station. Hence accessibility is not an issue. This healing village has 30 prime villas which conform with Vastu Shashtra. Kairali has experienced masseurs and expert ayurvedic healers who use various ayurvedic procedures in treating & curing you. Nature plays an important role in Kairali village. The abundance of trees makes this retreat a very serene, calm and soothing place. People here can undergo holistic luxury in Nature’s lap. The retreat also takes pride in the fact that there is a tender brook that flows around every villa. The villa also has unique red oxide flooring.

All the rooms of Kairali are non-smoking rooms. They also arrange for day tours and excursions from Kairali Village. Alcohol is strictly prohibited here as it wants to create a healthy living environment. This ayurvedic village concentrates on the spiritual well-being of the soul, mind, and body and hence it attempts to build a toxin-free area. Alcohol is a toxin and its consumption is injurious to health. The healing village of Kairali helps you to get rid of the toxin elements and regain the necessary equilibrium of your vital senses. Kairali wants to stay in a stress-free atmosphere and hence it sticks to its policy of ‘no toxication’.

Inclusions and Special Provisions

Kairali Healing Village has several inclusions and special provisions. The food prepared at Kairali is totally with organic fruits and vegetables. They grow their own ingredients in their organic garden which is completely free of any preservatives, pesticides, and chemicals. The vegetables and fruits grown here are without any external hormonal stimuli. By this, they want to inculcate healthy living in each person. They are also very careful about any food allergies that you may have. There is always a doctor at hand who can be consulted for such issues.  Kairali provides you with a welcome drink as you arrive. Please be informed that during treatment, the internal medicines used will be chargeable.  Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included with your stay. You can also use all the facilities such as the outdoor and indoor facilities, the swimming pool, gym and library all for free. The retreat supplies you daily with in-house natural water and you can have access to unlimited herbal water as well.

Holistic Approach

This wellness centre also carries out a daily evaluation of your physical fitness and personal lifestyle.  Every day they provide you with steam baths and two ayurvedic remedies per person. You are also allowed to tour the ayurvedic factory but there is a charge to it. You will get a complimentary herbal tea or juice with every session of massage. A guided tour of the organic garden is also included in your package. Every morning & evening the wellness center organizes a free of cost group yoga session; they hold a group meditation sitting as well. But if you require an individual one, that will be charged extra. The retreat holds a cooking workshop and a village walk once every week. The ayurvedic expertise provided by Kairali Healing Village is unmatched.

The vitality of ayurvedic remedies and the various training programs under the guidance of professionals will make you dive to the core of ayur (life), veda (science) and ayurveda (the science of life). Kairali’s health farm promotes vegetarian nourishment as it is supposed to contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and fibres. Kairali boosts everyone to live a healthy life and so the intake of caffeine is also prohibited. Hence you have to say ‘NO’ to your favourite cup of coffee at the Kairali Healing Village in Pallakad, Kerala. Since the choice of food is a very important characteristic in one’s life, it’s obvious that the cuisine here is an Ayurvedic Cuisine. One great and unique feature of Kairali is that you can choose the rooms according to your sun sign to impose great positiveness in your stay here.  The retreat has Deluxe Villas, Royal Villas, and Maharaja Suites. Let nature take over in Karali Healing Village because Kairali Healing Village in Pallakad, Kerala is a place where nature, and its products; all sync together with your heart, mind, and soul to give you the true meaning of life and living.

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