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Supplements V/s Ayurvedic Medicines

The practice of Ayurveda dates back 5000 years. It has its roots in ancient India and is based on the principles of holistic health. Today, it stands as one of the most trusted healing methods and systems of medicines. Supplements, on the other hand, have just made their appearance recently. Their upward movement along the ladder is a contribution of the advancement of science and technology and to some extent, the refusal of people to put their trust in something natural and traditional. So, we bring you a comparative study between the two classes of alternative medicine. Let’s see what Ayurveda has to offer you to live a healthy life and their effectiveness over supplements.

Natural Ingredients vs Synthetic Elements

Ayurveda involves the use of completely natural ingredients. Roots, leaves, fruits, and flower extracts of medicinal plants and herbs are the basic components of Ayurvedic medicines. When the ingredients are natural you can expect complete wellness from them as they are not treated/prepared with chemicals due to which the nutrients and antioxidants in them are kept intact which would do well to your physiological system.

On the other hand, supplements are often composed of synthetic ingredients which, in the long run, will do you more harm than good. These will eliminate the symptoms of your disorder readily but as for your overall health, these will pose a possible threat to your life.

Temporary Relief vs Full Elimination

The two nearest airports are Cochin International Airport and Coimbatore International Airport.  The nearest railway station is the Palakkad Railway Station. Hence accessibility is not an issue. This healing village has 30 prime villas which conform with Vastu Shashtra. Kairali has experienced masseurs and expert ayurvedic healers who use various ayurvedic procedures in treating & curing you. Nature plays an important role in Kairali village. The abundance of trees makes this retreat a very serene, calm and soothing place. People here can undergo holistic luxury in Nature’s lap. The retreat also takes pride in the fact that there is a tender brook that flows around every villa. The villa also has unique red oxide flooring.

All the rooms of Kairali are non-smoking rooms. They also arrange for day tours and excursions from Kairali Village. Alcohol is strictly prohibited here as it wants to create a healthy living environment. This ayurvedic village concentrates on the spiritual well-being of the soul, mind, and body and hence it attempts to build a toxin-free area. Alcohol is a toxin and its consumption is injurious to health. The healing village of Kairali helps you to get rid of the toxin elements and regain the necessary equilibrium of your vital senses. Kairali wants to stay in a stress-free atmosphere and hence it sticks to its policy of ‘no toxication’.

Complete Tolerance vs Side Effects

When it is all-natural ingredients, you are left with little or no chances of side effects. Your body will accept them without showing any resistance. Unless you have some inborn allergies to a particular plant’s products or by-products, no Ayurvedic medicine is ever going to do you any harm as you continue to intake them. But in case of supplements, the chemical compounds may not be readily accepted by your body. When these reach your bloodstream they might bring forth adverse reactions which in turn, may lead to undesired outbursts of symptoms like rashes, irritation, inflammation, or some other serious issues.

Apropos to side effects or allergic reactions, Ayurvedic medicines are always winning the debate.

Pocket Friendly or Expensive

Ayurvedic medicines are not likely to burn a big hole in your pocket when you buy them. These medicines come at a range of cost which can be afforded by almost all people of all income groups. Made within the country from ingredients available only in this region and by simple methods handed down by ancient scriptures over generations, Ayurvedic medicines have little manufacturing cost. Thus, the price ranges are always at a minimum level. But the synthetic elements used to make supplements come costly and increase the maximum retail price of the products manifold. The machineries involved and the items used to manufacture them are often imported from abroad or created in highly equipped laboratories. These contribute to the high price of the supplements.

Therapeutic Value or Modern Inputs

Ayurveda has a slow but effective influence on your body. The disorder for which you decide to take the Ayurvedic medicines must be cured from the root- that is what Ayurveda aims at.

In the case of supplements, in spite of all the modernity and technological advancements that go into making them, some or the other diseases remain uncured. There is even proof of symptoms aggravating after the usage of the supplements. But if you continue to put your faith in Ayurveda and agree to hold patience, the age-old tradition would not fail you; not cause any harm to you as well, for sure. Being utterly organic, the therapeutic value of Ayurveda is of an unmatched level.


It is not a dual between tradition and technology when we set to compare Ayurvedic medicines with supplements. It is just that there are more pros for Ayurveda than for supplements. In order to achieve optimal health, Ayurvedic medicines are your only option. This fact is being accepted in almost every corner of the globe and more and more people are falling for the goodness of Ayurveda every day. So, free your body, mind and soul from all sorts of discomforts and artificial supplements and befriend with Ayurveda to attain “complete physical, mental and social well being.”

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