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Why We Indians Neglect Yoga and Meditation Training

The popular saying goes: A prophet is not without honor save in his own country. The situation is pretty similar with yoga and meditation training in India. These things originated in this holy land in ancient times but unfortunately, the citizens of India are not very much keen about making them a part of their life and building some healthy habits. It is not that they do not care about good health, but they are in no mood to embrace the country’s very own tradition that is increasingly being accepted by the rest of the world.

Why This Negligence?

Well, there are quite a few reasons why Indians are not giving the necessary importance to yoga and meditation. We give you a brief glance at them.

Busy Schedule

In this supersonic era of the twenty-first century, people are always running after deadlines instead of pausing a bit and taking some time out for themselves. With more multinational companies opening their offices in India, a great number of the population is getting employed by them. They are working as per the timings of the countries where the headquarters of the companies are located. This is messing up their routines from the core making it difficult for them to a find out some time for yoga and meditation training in spite of the fact that they are exposed to excessive stress and need these the most.

Results Take Longer To Show

Although yoga and meditation, together, is good for your health, mind and soul altogether, it takes a long time for the effects to be exerted. Delayed results are something the Indians are not really ready to go with. A crash diet or a mechanised weight-loss program will shed the extra kilos within two weeks but as for yoga, they need to be continued over a good span of time before experiencing the changes in their body. They are not really concerned about the ill effects of the crash courses, be it in diet, gyms, etc.

Not A Compulsory Activity In The Curriculum

Yoga and meditation are not made to do as a compulsory part of the syllabus in schools and hence, the children do not learn to associate with it from the very beginning. Building a connection between the body and mind is what yoga and meditation aim at. But the connection needs to be built out of an individual’s own desire. There is a gap somewhere in this regard which is leading the Indians to neglect the rich & healthy tradition of yoga and meditation.

Lethargy To Learn Up

Yoga and meditation training require a lot of discipline and practice. It cannot be mastered overnight; especially, meditation. How many people know how to meditate properly? – Only a handful few! Most of them lack the patience to sit for a good 5-10 minutes in a proper posture and focus on one particular thought. It is the sheer lethargy to learn this somewhat difficult form of physical activity that makes the Indians uninterested towards yoga and meditation training.

How To Make Yoga & Meditation A Part Of Your Daily Routine?

Considering the age-old traditional richness infused in yoga and meditation, Indians need to adopt this and make it into a habit as soon as they can. If they are still not keen about it, measures need to be taken which would make them take yoga and meditation training seriously. A few such ways are:

1. By Making It A Part Of The Syllabus

If children get yoga and meditation training right at their school from an early age, they will also practice the same at home. What’s better than catching these young minds and making yoga a part of their everyday routine? Eventually, they will learn to adapt to it and would not let a day pass by without doing their regular meditation and yoga sessions. Result? – A healthy nation is capable of fighting any pandemic or similar situations.

2. By Making It More Attractive

The calm and cool environment associated with yoga may not always appeal to everyone. A number of instructors are fusing yoga and aerobics to make it look more attractive to people. Doing yoga while keeping pace with a rhythm, is changing the viewpoint to a good extent. For people loving it the calm way, more places must be created that will exude tranquillity.

3. By Reaching Out To More People

How yoga and meditation can benefit one optimally needs to reach a greater number of people. Social media can play a pivotal role in this. Tradition meets Technology– that is how it is going to work.

4. By Taking The Corporate Sector Into Confidence

Corporate companies have employees dealing with tremendous work pressure. This often contributes to the increased stress level in them. And that reflects on their deliverable. It is recommended that the organizations put up a room dedicated to at least half an hour for sessions of yoga and meditation compulsory for every employee.

Why Should They Not Neglect?

Instead, the question would be why should they neglect! The benefits of yoga are myriad. It keeps your body in shape, sheds extra flab, and helps you rejuvenate your mind. As for mediation, it uplifts your spirituality and helps you establish inner peace. After each session of yoga and meditation training, you are sure to find yourself more at peace with the world outside.

The Asanas will boost your energy and motivate you for bigger challenges in life. Based upon strict principles and guidelines, yoga and meditation training teach you to learn to respect your body and inner-self and achieve your goal without much dismay.

A fit body and cluttered mind come together to improve your productivity level as you can concentrate more in whatever you attempt to do. Be it health or finance- you are sure to top the list once you hold the hand of these ancient practices.

Conclusion– Overall, yoga and meditation training help you to grow as an individual and express your personality in a way which is much more confident and freer of anxiety.

So, the long-standing habit of neglecting the two gems of Indian age-old tradition needs to be changed and it is high time to do so. The sooner, the better.

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